Little Angels

Our Mission:

          Little Angels Youth Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality services specifically tailored to ensure each individual client’s opportunity for independent success. We strive to give each client we provide services to the opportunity to have a permanent place in a safe and nurturing family.

         It’s our goal to give the children living in the Henderson and Las Vegas area the same opportunities to realize their full potential, their hopes and dreams, and to teach them the skills needed to live in positive and healthy ways. At Little Angels Youth Services our continually trained staff provides leadership, advocacy and connection to area resources to enhance lives and empower to become both successful and responsible. Our providers teach and advocate for family self-sufficiency to change the future for  generations to come.

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220 E Horizon Suite D
Henderson Nv 89015
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Population Served

         We serve children of all ages, young adults, and adult trauma survivors. We work with, and support healing and recovery for children and families affected by trauma, violence abuse/neglect. We also serve clients with various disorders, and work to stabilize our clients who may have severe emotional and behavioral disturbances.  Reintegration into the home, school, and/ or community is always our main goal.